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Product Update - Volume 4

Return value validators Compile time type check isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Run time type validation! Add a returns property with a

Announcing Convex 1.13

Introducing return value validators as well as updates to the CLI to show progress when backfilling indexes. Return value validators Convex queries, mutations, and actions

Introducing Convex for Startups

Convex has some great features: ubiquitous reactivity, end-to-end type safety, auto-scaling, and convenient bundled services. But seldom does one specific Convex feature completely win over

Product Update - Volume 3

Magic Caching Helper Jamie solved one of the 2 great problems in computer science! By caching Convex query subscriptions, every screen in your app will

Product Update - Volume 2

Vercel AI SDK in HTTP actions The Vercel AI SDK provides easy to use abstractions to help build generative ai applications, such as streamText. The


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