Convex just hit version 0.1.0!

This release focuses on developer experience improvements that should make building apps on Convex easier than ever:

  • New Home for the Dashboard
  • Easier Debugging with console.log

To get upgrade instructions for this release (and in the future), run npx convex update.

We’ve bumped up the minor version to signify that we’re happy with the current Convex API. We’ll continue making breaking changes occasionally but they should be less frequent than they have been.

Keep the feedback and questions coming! We want to help!

New Home for the Dashboard

The Convex console has moved to! You can now see all of your Convex projects with their instances, data, and functions in a single, centralized location.

Easier Debugging with console.log

Previously when you used console.log within query and mutation functions, it would often produce useless log lines like [object Object].  No longer! console.log now produces an informative message for anything you throw into it.