We’ve moved our npm package from convex-dev to convex!

Our npm package is now published at https://www.npmjs.com/package/convex.

Additionally, we added schema generation and made some other minor updates. Let us know what you think!


As said above, we’ve renamed our npm package! It now lives at https://www.npmjs.com/package/convex.

Switching the name of our npm package aligns it with the name of the Convex command-line interface (npx convex). It also makes the package easier to find and remember!

To migrate your app:

1. Switch the npm package in your project from convex-dev to convex.

npm uninstall convex-dev
npm install convex

2. Update all of your TS and JS imports from convex-dev to convex with a find/replace.

Importantly, we won’t be pushing updates to convex-dev. You should switch to using convex so that you continue to stay up to date with our latest changes.

Schema Generation

Convex can now automatically generate a schema for you based on the data in your tables! This allows you to use schema-specific TypeScript types without having to define your schema manually.

To generate a schema:

  1. Begin with a project without a schema. Use your app to create data in your tables.
  2. Hit the “Generate Schema” button in the dashboard data view.
  3. Copy the schema and paste it in convex/schema.ts.
  4. Rerun npx convex codegen
  5. Enjoy beautiful TypeScript types!

For more information, see the documentation on Defining a Schema.

Minor Changes