We’ve had a busy month, and we have a bunch of different improvements to share!

Support for Svelte, Bun, and Vue!

We have a few more logos under our quickstarts section – we've added guides for Svelte, Bun, and Vue including our first community-maintained client library!

HTTP action response streaming

HTTP actions can now stream their responses, enabling fast updates without having to go through the database.

A common use case is quickly streaming an AI chat response without having to write the response to the database on every update.


An AI chat app showing two different streaming strategies.

We see the more responsive streaming via an HTTP action when a user sends a message, while in the other tab, we see streaming in larger chunks from writing to the database periodically.

convex-test improvements

We're glad you've been using convex-test to write tests for your functions and reporting any issues you find along the way. We've recently addressed a few of these, which are all available in version 0.0.16:

Faster npx convex dev / npx convex deploy

We've made a change to make npx convex dev and npx convex deploy faster, especially for larger codebases. (This change actually was in 1.11, but now we have data to show that it's faster).

Logs page in dashboard

The Logs page in the dashboard got a facelift! Click on an individual log line to drill down into all the logs and function calls for a single request. Let us know what you think!


Logs page in the Convex dashboard

Other improvements: