Convex has some great features: ubiquitous reactivity, end-to-end type safety, auto-scaling, and convenient bundled services. But seldom does one specific Convex feature completely win over developers. Instead, it's the sum of all these parts and the total developer experience. The way these features are thoughtfully designed together allows you to build your product faster and with fewer headaches. You're able to stay product-obsessed, and you ship faster than ever.

No one cares more about shipping quickly than startups, so it's only natural that startups are Convex's most numerous and passionate customers.

We get it

We're a startup, too. We know what you're going through. 😄

So, earlier this year, we created a program designed to help empower startups building their businesses on our platform: Convex for Startups.

Participants receive the following benefits:

  • No seat fees for six months and a 30% discount on usage-based pricing for up to two years.
  • Startup program town halls, events, and early access to Convex roadmaps and features.
  • Inclusion in startups-only private community channels and forums exploring company building, team building, product development, technical architecture, etc.

In good company

After receiving dozens of applications over the last few months, we're thrilled to welcome an incredible group of companies into our first batch! Some batch participants have come from elite accelerators like Y Combinator and Neo. Others have successfully raised rounds from top funds, including Index Ventures, Ground Up Ventures, Accel, LongHash Ventures, and the OpenAI Startup Fund. Some have 10s of thousands of daily active users already. In our opinion, all of them have really impressive products.

Here are a few:

Untitled UI logotext

HostAI is a revolutionary solution for short-term rental operators, transforming guest communication through AI-powered automation.

Nustom is dedicated to democratizing software development, enabling anyone to create customized software solutions with the help of AI, regardless of technical background.

Cliplama is an automated video creation tool designed to help users produce faceless videos for platforms like TikTok, Reels, and YouTube without needing on-camera talent. 


Mi Compa Seguros is creating the insurance solution of the future by combining innovative technologies, classic insurance products, and digital processes.


If you're building a new full-stack web or mobile app and want to spend as little time as possible on backend engineering, try Convex! Most teams save 70% or more of their time building their backend.

And if you're a startup, apply to Convex for Startups! We're bringing on new groups of companies monthly, and we'd love you to join.

Join our Discord community to discuss Convex for Startups.