We started Convex with a deep belief in the future of web development without complicated DevOps, fragile synchronization protocols, and the myriad other headaches traditional backends impose on developers. The inspirational vision was to let developers' responsibility end on their laptop.

And to us, the viability of that vision was best exemplified by Netlify and Jamstack. With Jamstack, front-end engineers were able to live completely within VS Code and their browser, build and test until they were happy, and then simply netlify deploy. Voilà! Serving their app with high performance and reliability at scale was solved. Quite naturally, these engineers were thrilled with how seamless this all was—it just worked!

And now the Convex global state management platform is a deliberate extension of that vision, enabling that same hands-free relationship to production for highly dynamic web applications. Convex gives you a small, carefully crafted set of abstractions around storage, backend computation, and subscriptions, and once again: if it works on your laptop, it will work at scale in production seamlessly.

So we're very excited to be joining Netlify's Jamstack Innovation Fund, and can't wait to work with them to make the Netlify + Convex stack an even more capable and seamless platform for your web applications.