Product Update - Volume 1

Cheaper Bandwidth We reduced Convex’s usage based costs! Convex no longer rounds up database storage, database bandwidth, or vector bandwidth. Read Jamie’s Discord

Announcing Convex 1.12

We’ve had a busy month, and we have a bunch of different improvements to share! Support for Svelte, Bun, and Vue! We have a

Announcing Convex 1.11

Convex 1.11 is here with improved debugging and testing tools, faster queries, and more. Highlights: * Live updating action log lines in npx convex logs

Convex goes open-source

It's been a busy seven months since Convex 1.0 was released. Twenty times as many developers are using Convex every week, and

Announcing Convex 1.10

Convex keeps getting better. This time we’re focused on helping you debug your apps and we’re also gearing up for the open-source release


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