Cheaper Bandwidth

We reduced Convex’s usage based costs! Convex no longer rounds up database storage, database bandwidth, or vector bandwidth. Read Jamie’s Discord post on the change here.

Log Streams Update

We’ve updated the log stream format to make it easier to build dashboards in your favorite tools like Axiom and Datadog. Learn More

Self-serve Fivetran Exports

You no longer need to ask the Convex team to enable Fivetran data exports for your project. Upgrade to Pro and go directly to the Fivetran website and set it up. Oh, we made it faster too! Setup Exports

Windows Support for Open Source

The complete Convex platform, including node actions, now works when building for Windows. With prebuilt binaries, you don’t have to do all the work either. Also, check out AI Town locally on Windows built by Convex community member Cocktail Peanut! Get the latest build.

Convex Helpers… now more helpful

Ian added a bunch of new goodies to convex-helpers: rate limiting, action retries, stateful migrations and much more. Update now: npm install convex-helpers@latest

And More: