Vercel AI SDK in HTTP actions

The Vercel AI SDK provides easy to use abstractions to help build generative ai applications, such as streamText. The Convex default runtime now supports TextDecoderStream so these methods can be used in Convex HTTP actions.

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TanStack/ReactQuery style useQuery helper

By popular demand convex-helpers now has an alternative api to useQuery that returns explicit query state information.

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Team level audit logs

Screenshot of the new Audit Log page

Pro teams can now see a log of all actions that affect their overall team like creating or deleting projects. If you’re a pro team member, just go to “Team Settings” > “Audit Logs”.

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Schema diagrams

Mermaid diagram of a Convex schema

Convex community member Alixi built package to help visualize your Convex Schemas as a mermaid diagram.

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Test your HTTP actions

convex-test now supports t.fetch for testing HTTP Actions.

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Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where JSON.stringify({ url: new URL("<>") }) would crash in Convex functions.
  • convex@1.12.1 fixes a bug where npx convex deploy and npx convex dev would incorrectly skip pushing if the only change was removing files
  • convex-test@0.0.21 fixed support for withIndex("by_creation_time") and withIndex("by_id")