Magic Caching Helper

Jamie solved one of the 2 great problems in computer science! By caching Convex query subscriptions, every screen in your app will stay up to date across navigation changes. Install npm install convex-helpers@latest now to try.

See Example or Watch the video

Faster and bigger code pushes

We’ve re-hauled the way we store code in your Convex deployment. Pushing code should feel faster and less likely to error for bigger code bundles.

✨ Nothing for you to do, it’ll just work better!

Better add document experience

When adding documents in the dashboard, your in-progress changes will remain if you close the side panel and re-open it. It makes it just a bit easier to furiously add to your database.

Add data

Argument history in the function runner

When running mutations in the dashboard function runner, you can now see a short history of previous arguments passed.

Run a mutation

Convex 1.12.2 is out

In preparation for an upcoming feature 🤫, the Convex package has a couple small improvements: updates to the default tsconfig.json config, and setting the right environment variables when adding Convex to an Expo project. Upgrade via npm install convex@latest

Upgrade Convex