Return value validators

Compile time type check isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Run time type validation! Add a returns property with a validator to your Convex functions to make sure your frontend always gets the right data.

There are plenty of other goodies packed in the Convex 1.13 release. Learn more in the latest Convex package update.

20 is the new 5

Convex starter plan now lets you create 20 free projects. Don’t let a number hold you back from building your next project.

Build your next project

Team & Project Roles

Update your team’s roles in the Team Settings > Members page

Share the burden of being a team administrator with someone else on your team. For individual projects, restrict access to potentially destructive actions and writing to the prod deployment. Read the docs to learn more.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • These permissions don’t apply to deploy keys that may already be shared amongst your team. Restricted access tokens will be launching soon.
  • Existing teams are backfilled with all team members as project admins for all projects. Moving forward you have to explicitly choose admin roles for new members and projects.
  • A live dashboard session will not immediately be adjusted if a user moves to a role with different permissions.

Faster text search indexing

The best improvements are the ones where you do nothing and the platform just gets better. Convex text search indexing just got a lot faster and more reliable.

Learn how to use text search

Snapshot import status in the dashboard

Snapshot import status in Deployment Settings > Snapshot Import & Export

Importing a large data set can take time. You can now keep an eye on the status of your import in your dashboard without having to keep the command line open.

Try snapshot imports