Big Import and Export Improvements

When we released ZIP file imports and exports in Convex 1.7, it wasn't long before industrious developers started hitting the limitations. We’ve got some big improvements for you.

  • File storage can now be included in Snapshot Export
  • Snapshot import via npx convex import can now import file storage as well
    • Snapshot import is still atomic and preserves _id and _creationTime, including for file storage.
  • npx convex import used to do a single HTTP request under the hood, which would time out for imports over 10MB. Every step of the import has been revamped so you can import gigabytes of documents and files, watching progress messages as it goes.
Yes, this >500MB image works with snapshot export and import. Also "acquaintances" has 10 million documents.
  • You can now use npx convex import --preview-name to seed data in Preview deployments.

Debugging Improvements

  • console.time() (MDN docs) is now supported, for measuring how long things take in queries, mutations, actions and HTTP actions.
export const someAction = action({
  args: {},
  handler: async (ctx) => {
    const results = await ctx.runQuery(internal.someQuery, {});
    console.timeEnd(); // will log how long it took to run the query

    // timers can have names and be nested
    console.time("total time");
    await ctx.runMutation(internal.mutation1, {});
    console.time("mutation2 time");
    await ctx.runMutation(internal.mutation2, {});
    console.timeEnd("mutation2 time");
    console.timeEnd("total time");
  • npx convex logs --history now supports printing past logs. A number can be passed in to limit the number of most recent logs shown. All printed logs now include timestamps.

Additional changes

  • In the dashboard, when adding new documents to a table, existing schema is used to suggest document fields
  • Auth config now supports both .ts and .js file extension (so either convex/auth.config.ts or convex/auth.config.js works)
  • Breaking change: when creating a preview deployment with npx convex deploy and a custom name (not inferred from Vercel or Netlify), the flag --preview-name has been renamed to --preview-create