Announcing Convex 1.10

Convex keeps getting better. This time we’re focused on helping you debug your apps and we’re also gearing up for the open-source release

Announcing Convex 1.8

Happy New Year! At Convex we’re kicking the year off with another release! Highlights: * New simpler API for loading and preloading data from Convex

Announcing Convex 1.4

Convex 1.4 introduces a new option to install packages used in your Node action environment on the server, a variety of logging improvements, a

Announcing Convex 1.3

Convex 1.3 brings a new callback-based JavaScript client for using Convex in non-React apps and a way to propagate error information for better error

Announcing Convex 0.19.0

Convex 0.19.0 has been released! This release includes changes foreshadowed in our last release and constitutes our first 1.0 release candidate. The


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